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2021-11-12 07:22:38 By : Ms. Wendy Wen

As the saying goes, desperate times require desperate measures. For camping enthusiasts, frequent flyers, and van enthusiasts, those desperate moments often involve the inability to obtain a reliable drip coffee machine or even a single-cup filter. A solution that is usually annoying but usually necessary? Packets of instant coffee. 

According to a review published in the Journal of Food Science and Technology, instant coffee ICYDK is made by roasting and grinding whole coffee beans and brewing coffee powder, and then dehydrating through processes such as freeze drying. Food & Wine reported that because dry coffee is usually to meet the demand for fast and cheap coffee, some manufacturers may not add as much TLC to the selection or brewing temperature of coffee beans as the first-class manufacturers. When those dehydrated powders, which are usually low-quality coffee, dissolve in hot water, you will get a cup of coffee—despite a bitter or bland taste—Joe.

Thanks to Wildland Coffee's tea bags and coffee (purchase, $18, amazon.com), however, the days of drinking Java that tastes like roasted soybean juice are long gone. As the name suggests, the brand’s Coffee in a Tea Bag product is a compostable tea bag filled with ground-but not pre-brewed and dehydrated-coffee beans. These coffee beans come from a sustainable ethical farm in Brazil, then roasted, ground and packaged in Santiago, and then put in your favorite cup. (Related: The health benefits of coffee will make you feel good when you pour a second cup)

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The tea bag brewing method is similar to the French press coffee method, the ground coffee beans are soaked in hot water for a few minutes. In this case, specifically, put the sachet filled with coffee into a cup or travel mug filled with boiling hot water, soak for about eight minutes, and then throw it into the trash can or compost bin. The result: a perfectly brewed cup of coffee with chocolate, caramel, and nutty flavors and 160 mg of caffeine, according to the company. (According to the US Food and Drug Administration, FTR, a standard 8-ounce cup of coffee provides 80 to 100 mg of caffeine.)

Although there are differences between instant coffee and these coffee tea bags, they all have one quality in common: a longer shelf life. According to Wildland Coffee, each individually packaged coffee tea bag is "nitro flushed", which means that the oxygen in the container is replaced by nitrogen, which prevents the oxidation process from causing the coffee to taste completely tasteless. Thanks to this innovative technology, coffee and tea bags can be kept fresh for at least one year, so please rest assured that the bags you left in your hiking bag last summer still have the same mellow and sweet taste today. 

Given the convenience, portability, and taste of coffee and tea bags, it’s no surprise that Amazon shoppers are fascinated. A five-star reviewer wrote: "A single bag is easy to pack and keep fresh. Compared to French pressing or pouring, it is more convenient to brew and clean up." "Their medium roast is slightly nutty, not too nutty. Sour-more pleasing than instant coffee granules. The bag looks strong and the [rope] is tied well-don't worry about pulling a full, soaked bag of water bottles from my mouth."

Another coffee enthusiast and camping lover even called it "first love." They wrote: "The aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafts out of the cup as it soaks. If you stand nearby and wait for the steep end, you may relive the first time you fell in love." 

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A perfectly distributed cup of coffee will make you fascinated? Sell. Go to Amazon to buy Wildland coffee and tea bags now, so you can get the caffeine you need in your next big adventure.