How to remove wrinkles from clothes without an iron-the easiest

2021-11-22 05:05:15 By : Mr. Jason Lau

Have you ever reached for your favorite shirt or clothing, only to find that it has wrinkled? This is a ridiculous question, because we must have all been there.

In a perfect world, you have time to heat the iron to smooth the fabric, but for those who rush out the door or sleep away from home without the convenience of an iron, there are several other solutions that can remove wrinkles without an iron.

Here are some of our favorite ways to remove wrinkles without using an iron or other household items that you may come into contact with.

So far, the easiest way to remove wrinkles without using an iron is to go to the laundry room and stick the wrinkled clothes in the dryer for 5 to 15 minutes over a medium-low heat. For best results, spray the clothes lightly with water to make them slightly damp, or put a few ice cubes in the dryer together with the dry clothes. This sounds crazy, but it works!

Combined with the heat of the dryer, the ice cubes will produce a steam effect, helping to remove wrinkles from the fabric. Note: Make sure that any clothes you try to remove wrinkles in this way can be safely dried. You don't want to accidentally shrink something marked with a dry cleaning only label!

Are you planning to take a shower before putting on your clothes? Before you jump in, hang your crumpled clothes on the shower rod furthest from the shower head and take a hot bath. Give it shower steam for at least 20 minutes to help eliminate wrinkles on clothes. This is an effective method for steaming fabrics in a critical juncture.

Since the iron is basically just a piece of hot metal, you can make a DIY version by boiling some water in a metal kitchen pot or pan. After heating, pour out the water, heat it carefully with the bottom of the pot, and slide it over the surface of the crumpled clothes. (Don't forget to put a towel under your clothes to protect your countertop or floor from the hot metal pan.)

The solution to remove wrinkles without an iron may just be in your bathroom cabinet. If you can use a hair dryer—especially a powerful hair dryer—try hanging up your crumpled clothes and spraying them lightly with water. After that, use a hair dryer to dry the clothes to remove wrinkles.

Or, if you happen to have a hair straightener, you can skip the spray altogether and just place the heated flat iron on the wrinkles. Since flat irons usually have smaller plates, it may take longer than traditional irons, but it can get the job done!

If you are a tea lover, then you probably own a teapot that can double as a garment steamer in a pinch. As usual, fill your teapot with water and wait for it to boil. Hang the wrinkled clothes somewhere nearby while the teapot is heating up. After the teapot sounds, remove it from the stove, and carefully aim the steam from the kettle spout at the clothes to eliminate wrinkles, just like using a traditional garment steamer.

Extra tip: enjoy a cup of tea afterwards.

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